Bener gak sich agame islam agame damai?

hobby muslim …. ngibul … ssion.html … 2ds5e.html

muslim ngakunya ngirim monyet ke luar angkasa ….
tapi foto preflight dan postflightnya menunjukkan monyet yang berbeda

foto monyetnya :


eh salah

yg bener :

lalu … ngewadul membuat pesawat "stealth" … 2e08q.html

Fresh from controversy over a suspicious space-faring monkey, Iran is now under fire over a suspect stealth fighter jet breakthrough that one Australian defence analyst said "looks like it might make a noise and vibrate if you put 20 cents in".


The controversy comes after Iran last month claimed to have successfully sent a monkey into space in a Pishgam rocket. That announcement was also accused of being faked as photographs of the monkey before and after showed two clearly different animals. Iran is sticking to its guns and Ahmedinejad has claimed he will personally be heading off into space.
In November last year Iran showed off a new drone design, but it was later revealed that the photographs it released were ripped off from a Japanese university and doctored.
In 2008, news wire Agence France-Presse had to retract an image of an Iran missile launch following revelations that it was doctored to include an extra missile. The photo had appeared on the front pages of many media outlets including and the front page of The Los Angeles Times.

memang muslim raja ngibul dan ketauan mulu

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